What makes Lucia different from other Light therapy?

Recently, there have been products on the market that are taking advantage of the unique technology of Lucia N°03. The developers of Lucia N°03 distinguish themselves in relation to competitors as follows:

1) Only Lucia N°03 uses the combination of constant- and flickering light. The technology is protected by international patents. This combination opens up a unique light experience.

2) The effectiveness of Lucia N°03 is based on light sequences (“sessions”), which can be exclusively generated with the Lucia N°03 technology. The sessions have been compiled according to specific criteria of interdisciplinary near-death experience research.

How long do sessions last?

Always set aside one hour, although the actual light session may not take the full hour. It is important to run a series of demos during initial appointments, as well as taking time following the session, to integrate back, enjoy some Kangen water or a cup of tea.

What is the price for a session?

A session is $100. Packages are also available.

Is it really just white light?

Yes, through varying frequencies of white LEDs and white halogen. This white light stimulates the pineal gland, taking you on an incredible visual journey. The Light journey is unique to each individual and usually includes a wide range of colors, vortexes, fractal patterns and sacred geometry.

What is the best length of time for a Lucia N°03 session?

Together we will determine a suitable program tailored for you. There are hundreds of programs available, varying in length and intensity. First time travelers will experience 3 demos to determine the comfort and intensity of the light for them.

Is the experience safe for your eyes?

Yes, the Lucia N°03 is completely safe for the eyes as the eyelids are closed.

Are there reasons Lucia would not be recommended?

It is not recommended for pregnant women, as there are no statistics yet, regarding a developing fetus and the Light; Individuals diagnosed with epilepsy; anyone with a history of seizures; anyone under the age of 18, as there is a higher risk of seizures in a developing brain.

Is the experience the same for everyone?

No, the experience is individual and different for everyone. Even if you have the same light session twice it will be unique each time.

Will I notice a difference after one Light journey?

Yes, after one session you will feel the immediate benefit of ‘relaxed awareness’.

What other benefits are there when using Lucia N°03?

  • Rapid and sustained deep relaxation
  • Immersion in worlds of color and shape and never before seen beauty
  • Deep emotions and a strong feeling of happiness
  • Increased sense of inner peace and emotional stability
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Reduced fear and depression
  • More restful sleep
  • Improved physical healing
  • Release of beneficial hormones related to health and longevity
  • Increased learning capacity and performance
  • Increased creativity
  • Increased intuition
  • Awareness detached from the body
  • Timelessness and spacelessness
  • Spiritual experiences

Anyone under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs, or prescription medications that may be sensitive to light, will be required to re-book their session.  Sky Studio maintains a zero tolerance, and will refuse to enter into a session with a client, who is under the influence of any substance which may cause an undesirable outcome while having a Light Session.  The safety and enjoyment of our clients is our priority.